Risk Surveys

The depth of our local, regional and International expertise has resulted in frequent requests from Insurers and Brokers to carry out risk surveys.


We bring together experienced risk survey personnel with a range of surveying, engineering and industry backgrounds.


We customise our risk survey reports to meet the needs of each individual client. Our service encompasses:

  • Comprehensive full-risk evaluation exercises through to brief reports
  • One-off or ongoing processes
  • Full valuation including PML's as required
  • Follow-up process to ensure implementation of risk improvement measures
  • Global capability.

Risk Surveys

Recent Projects
  • Power stations
  • Manufacturing industries including flour mills, plastics manufacture, brewing and distillers
  • Industrial
  • Public liability
  • Agricultural risks including coffee, sugar, banana plantations, citrus growing and processing
  • Hydro-electric project - Central America
  • Hotels - both property damage and liability risk exposures.

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