We have considerable knowledge of construction and erection risks that are written on various Forms of Contract, including:

  • Design and build contracts
  • Minor works contracts
  • NFBTE sub-contract
  • Dom 1 and Dom 2 forms of sub-contract.

Axis also have experience of less commonly encountered forms, such as the ICE Form for engineering works and the GC Works 1 Form for Government Contracts.

We have surveyors, engineers and adjusters with extensive experience of construction work in the Far East, Europe, Africa, South America and the UK.

In addition, we have adjusters qualified in law and able to deal with the complexities of liability issues that can arise in respect of contractual or third party claims.



Our philosophy is that a well-managed construction project involves a healthy rapport with the construction team, preferably before a claim arises. This enables all key members to understand their roles in ensuring that claims are notified and investigated in a timely manner. It also means potential DSU issues are considered at an early stage.

Recent Projects
  • Airport construction internationally
  • Roadway construction projects
  • Major housing and commercial developments in the UK
  • Petrochemical plants in Africa
  • Hydro-electric and diesel power stations in Central America
  • NHS Trust Hospital projects

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