Banking & Financial

We can offer a rapid response to Financial Institution claims in Latin America, the Caribbean and throughout mainland Europe.


We service a diverse range of Financial Institution risks, including:

  • Bankers' Blanket Bond
  • Cash in transit
  • Safe deposit box
  • Directors' and officers'
  • Errors and omissions
  • Commercial crime
  • Stockbrokers
  • Computer crime
  • Fidelity

We ensure our clients are kept fully informed throughout the investigation and adjustment of Financial Institutions claims. Key coverage issues are identified and communicated at an early stage.

Banking & Financial

Our Adjustment Process Involves
  • Extensive review of the documentation appropriate to each individual risk
  • Analysis of local and reinsurance policies in conjunction with the proposal form
  • Ensuring any recovery possibilities are quickly pinpointed and pursued
  • Local knowledge means that we can provide authoritative comment on local practices and legal requirements
Recent projects
  • Largest cash-in-transit robbery in Caribbean history
  • Employee dishonesty claims resulting in multi-million dollar losses
  • Multi-million dollar negligent financial advice on a debt restructuring project
  • Armed robbery of security boxes - largest ever in country concerned
  • Bank failures in the US

Axis - Global Coverage, Local Knowledge